The X-Paper (Mine is a bit used)

Welcome to the X-Paper Wiki

The X-Paper wiki is a place where you can make cool things, share your creations, and find out about others! If you dont know how to make one, click here.

We need help! I have to do to many articles, so most of them are short! We need people to write up how to make their creations and help explain the ones on here already! Pictures would be great!

Followers of X-Paper can request to become an Administrator here

We have 0 users and 261 pages.

We have 2 admins.

Today is Sunday, July 23


  • Just so people know, I just googled X-Paper, and aparently there is a type of paper called xpaper somewhere. Im not copying it!
  • The only news for now is that this wiki exists!


The X-Paper is an easy to use origami system that is also really easy to make.

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